Rushdown Radio is an online Podcast and Web series. We discuss video games, entertainment and all things nerdy. We tackle industry news and gaming updates with an irreverent and funny way. We specialize in Fighting Games and RPGs. We also have a love for the Fighting Game Community and eSports. Take this journey with us. Grab a controller and take a seat.

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Anthony Beaver
Role: Associate Producer
Height: 6’2″
Weight: Unknown
Blood Type: O+
Birthplace: America
... Birthday: October 25, 1989
Eye Color: Brown
Hobbies: Playing video games
Favorite Games: Fighting, JRPGs, Platforming, Puzzle, Adventure, Side Scrolling Fighters, Rail Shooters, Fight Sims, Sandbox games, Strategy RPGs
Dislikes: Shooters, Sports, WRPGs, Real TIme Strategy games
Weapon of Choice: PS3 controller
I’ve been playing games for years…I can’t even remember what started me out, but I remember my first game was Super Mario World and from there I found my niche in what would become an extensive gaming career. As I played more and more games, I soon found my most joy in fighting games. I mean sliding down pipes, collecting rings/coins, and spinning with a deranged bandicoot was fun…but none of that beats the awesomeness of uppercuts, flashy combos, hadokens, and the satisfaction of kicking someones ass.
When I’m not learning the tricks and glitches of a fighting game, I’m probably level grinding in a good JRPG so I can beat that one boss that causes death in 3 turns. Sure, level grinding is “hard”, but its really as hard as the developers make it. Still, I grind, I fight, I do the flashy stuff, and whatever.
This bio sucks. Listening to me is better.


Michael Brewer
Role: Executive Producer
Height: Shorter than a Chocobo
Weight: About that…
Blood Type: The Blood of Takada
Birthplace: The Mysterious Land of Chicago
... Birthday: November 9, 1987
Eye Color: Brown
Hobbies: Djing, Video Gaming, Drawing
Favorite Games/Specialty: J-RPGs, Fighting, Action/Adventure

Favorite Publishers: Capcom, Namco, Koei, Squaresoft (Yep! Before the merger)
Weapon of Choice: Book of Shadows

Michael was born in November of 1987, to which was the same year that Final Fantasy, Zelda and Street Fighter all made their debuts onto the world. This might be a prelude to things to come. Not to mention, Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone” was number the week he was born so that would explain his love for Pop music. But that’s besides the point. At the age of 5 years, Michael was introduced to the Nintendo to where he remembers fondly playing Mario and Gyromite.

Fast-forward a few years and Michael started playing Street Fighter 2 at his local arcade heavily. He recalls spending all of his money that he got to play. Any acquisition of 25 cent meant that he could Spinning Bird Kick his way through all eight fighters on Street Fighter again. Throughout most of his childhood was spent searching for new arcades and new challengers. He discovery games like Soul Blade, Fatal Fury, King of Fighters and so many others.

After years of devotion to Fighting Games, he later was introduced to another genre of gaming that would completely change his life…the RPGs. During his teen years he spent playing RPGs and Fighting Games.

As an adult, Michael reflected on his gaming endeavors and remembered his longing to be involved in the industry that had given him so many great experiences. Thus lead to his idea to create a show that had very different people with very different views…on Video Games. And so, the “Level Up!” was born. But now from the ashes Rushdown Radio was reborn.
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